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Here are links to 68 articles written by Savvy's CEO Mike Busch and published in EAA Sport Aviation magazine between January 2010 and September 2015:

  1. Reliability-Centered Maintenance -- Time to apply it to general aviatgion? (January 2010)
  2. Is Engine TBO a Myth? -- Reliability-centered maintenance, part 2. (February 2010)
  3. Critical Component Failures -- Reliability-centered maintenance, part 3. (March 2010)
  4. Is Your Engine Airworthy? -- A commonsense approach. (April 2010)
  5. OIC -- Becoming a better owner-in-command. (May 2010)
  6. Billing Nightmare! -- Evaluating your maintenance shop's paperwork. (June 2010)
  7. Don't Fail Me Now -- How and why exhaust valves fail. (July 2010)
  8. Exhaust Valve Failures -- Part 2: Preventing failures by early detection. (August 2010)
  9. Destructive Detonation -- Know the symptoms, and act fast! (September 2010)
  10. EGT Myths Debunked -- Understanding exhaust gas temperatures. (October 2010)
  11. Return To Service -- You're a test pilot; act accordingly. (November 2010)
  12. The Mag Check -- Are you doing it right? (December 2010)
  13. All About Oil -- Part 1: What you should know (January 2011)
  14. Slippery Stuff -- Part 2: Additives, consumption, levels, intervals, filters and analysis (February 2011)
  15. The Waddington Effect -- More maintenance isn't necessarily better. (March 2011)
  16. Making Metal? -- How to ensure nothing is coming apart inside your crankcase. (April 2011)
  17. Is It Safe? Is It Airworthy? -- "Safe" and "airworthy" aren't synonyms. (May 2011)
  18. About Batteries -- Part 1: Aircraft batteries need TLC if you don't want to be left stranded (June 2011)
  19. Battery TLC -- Part 2: The care and feeding of aircraft batteries. (July 2011)
  20. Owner-Produced Parts -- Replacement parts you can make yourself for certificated aircraft. (August 2011)
  21. Too Broken To Fly? -- The rules about flying with inoperative equipment are complicated. (September 2011)
  22. Warranty Schmarranty -- That $40,000 engine turns out to be a lemon; you're covered under warranty, right? (October 2011)
  23. My $.02 on $6 Avgas -- How much do gas prices affect your flying? (November 2011)
  24. Intervals -- When are manufacturer-specified inspection, overhaul and replacement intervals mandatory for a Part 91 operator? (December 2011)
  25. Flight-Test Profiles -- The best way to diagnose an engine problem is usually in the air. (January 2012)
  26. When to Overhaul -- How do you decide when it's time? If not at TBO, when? (February 2012)
  27. How to Flunk an Annual Inspection -- An annual is a pass-fail test. Sometimes failing is the best course of action. (March 2012)
  28. The Most Unforgivable Sin -- Running out of fuel only happens to the other guy, right? (April 2012)
  29. Breakdown! -- Bad news away from home. (May 2012)
  30. Trust But Verify -- Before you approve any costly or invasive repair to your aircraft, make sure the discrepancy is real. (June 2012)
  31. The Decision Point -- It's time to sit down with your IA. (July 2012)
  32. Teardown! -- Making the difficult decision to tear down an engine. (August 2012)
  33. Cam Distress -- When your engine finally needs to be overhauled, the most likely cause will be corrision-induced distress to the cam lobes. (September 2012)
  34. Flying Efficiently -- It's more important than ever to get the best bang for the buck. (October 2012)
  35. Mini Versus Maxi -- Is your mechanic a minimalist or a maximalist? (November 2012)
  36. Red Box, Red Fin -- How not to lean your engine. (December 2012)
  37. How Much Is Too Much? -- There's metal in your oil filter. Now what? (January 2013)
  38. Separation Anxiety -- Can we prevent these head-to-barrel separations? (February 2013)
  39. Diagnostic Tales From the War Zone -- Troubleshooting is best accomplished by first gathering data and then analyzing it logically. (March 2013)
  40. A Little Dab'll Do Ya...In -- Even a seemingly trivial mistake by a well-intentioned mechanic can have dire consequences. (April 2013)
  41. The Redundancy Trap -- The best way to protect against failure of any component is to have two...or is it? (May 2013)
  42. The Blame Game -- When "stuff" happens to your aircraft, it's not always someone else's fault. (June 2013)
  43. Compression In Context -- Few aviation maintenance tasks are so misunderstood. (July 2013)
  44. But My Mechanic Says... -- Aircraft owners get lots of bad advice from their A&Ps. Ever wonder where the A&Ps get it from? (August 2013)
  45. AOG Rescue -- A mechanical problem away from home is every aircraft owner's worst nightmare. (September 2013)
  46. Thinking Slow -- Why many career A&Ps are not great troubleshooters. (October 2013)
  47. Rough Engine -- Understanding the underlying causes of engine roughness. (November 2013)
  48. Damage History -- The term is not well-defined. Here are some thoughts. (December 2013)
  49. Mechanic, Heal Thyself -- All airplanes occasionally get sick. Even mine. (January 2014)
  50. High Oil Consumption -- Don't do anything until you know where the oil is going. (February 2014)
  51. Not-So-Plain-Bearings -- There’s a lot more to engine bearings than meets the eye. (March 2014)
  52. Ferry Permits -- For when your aircraft isn’t airworthy but you need to fly it anyway. (April 2014)
  53. Scuzzy Skyhawk -- A thorough, independent pre-buy examination is essential, even for a simple 172. (May 2014)
  54. Cylinder Work: Be Afraid -- It is nearly impossible to install a cylinder properly when the engine is on the airplane. (June 2014)
  55. A Highly Modified Skyhawk -- How does an IA deal with a situation like this? (July 2014)
  56. A Mechanic's Liability -- If your mechanic seems overly cautious and self-protective in his approach to maintaining your airplane, he has good reason. (August 2014)
  57. Human Error -- “To err is human…” but when humans make mistakes working on aircraft, bad things can happen. (September 2014)
  58. Energy and Efficiency -- Why are our piston aircraft engines so @#$%*! inefficient? (October 2014)
  59. Pre-Buy Do's and Don'ts -- If you’re buying an aircraft, here’s how to structure the pre-buy. (November 2014)
  60. Silent Killer -- If you think CO-related accidents are rare, think again. (December 2014)
  61. The Perfect Mechanic -- What to look for when choosing an A&P to work on your aircraft. (January 2015)
  62. 150-Year-Old Technology -- Most of us are still flying (and driving) behind powerplant technology that dates from the 19th century. (March 2015)
  63. Oleos -- Oleo pneumatic shock struts use hydraulic fluid, compressed gas, and darn clever engineering to improve our landings. (April 2015)
  64. Fix It Now...Or Fix It Later? -- Dealing with mechanicals away from home. (May 2015)
  65. Alterations -- Clearing up confusion about aircraft mods. (June 2015)
  66. Why I Hate Pulling Jugs -- It’s riskier business than most owners or A&Ps realize. (July 2015)
  67. Backdoor Rulemaking? -- Cessna gets caught with its hand in the FAA’s cookie jar. (August 2015)
  68. Don't Go Overboard -- Suppressing the urge to overreact to and overkill problems. (September 2015)

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