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Savvy Prebuy

Pre-buy examinationIf you're looking to purchase an aircraft, we would be delighted to manage your prebuy examination. Savvy has managed many hundreds of prebuys so we know the drill, pretty much have it down to a science, and can help you avoid the many pitfalls that often plague prospective buyers.

NOTE: Savvy's prebuy program is presently limited to certificated aircraft. We cannot manage prebuys of amateur-built or light sport aircraft.

Why have Savvy manage my prebuy?

Aircraft sellers are often represented by brokers, and Savvy’s prebuy program is designed to provide a similar level of professional advocacy for buyers. Learn more...

What's involved?

For a fixed fee, Savvy provides the buyer with professional management through every stage of the prebuy process. Learn more...

What does it cost?

We charge a fixed fee that varies with the complexity of the aircraft involved. In most cases, this is $750 for piston singles and $1,000 for piston twins, and $1,500 for single-engine turboprops. (But for most of our clients, the cost winds up being only half of that.) Learn more...

Compression test How do I get started?

There are three steps to a SavvyPrebuy...

Step One: Fill out a short online form to let us know what kind of aircraft you're interested in buying and where you are in your search process. Learn more...

There is no cost or obligation involved.

Step Two: Make an offer on the candidate aircraft, have your offer accepted by the seller, and enter into a written conditional purchase/sale agreement with the seller. Learn more...

Step Three: Engage Savvy to manage your prebuy of that aircraft by enrolling online using Savvy's online prebuy registration form to accomplish this. Learn more...

Our clients say...

"The inoperative wing flaps on my Cirrus SR22 were solved by the $35 relay that my Savvy account manager Tom Cooper suggested, instead of the $1,500 actuator that was the Service Center's proposed solution. The Service Center personnel are very nice, and were very happy to have Tom's input. Me too!"Peter Beyer

"Working with the Savvy team is great! Makes my life much easier. (Feel free to quote me.)" —Harvey Rock

"Less than two weeks after I signed up for Savvy, I had an issue that stranded my PA-32 at a remote airport on Thanksgiving weekend. Within hours of posting pictures, my Savvy account manager Paul New had diagnosed the problem and recommended a repair. Paul communicated with the local mechanic, and researched needed part numbers that turned a possible $1,000 repair into a $300 one, nearly paying for my entire annual Savvy management fee. If you feel at a disadvantage when talking to A&Ps (like I always did), you need Savvy today!"Peter March

"The Savvy program has given me great peace of mind over the past year. I have said on COPA several times that Savvy is the best bargain in aviation (an area not known for bargains). Going through maintenance issues with Savvy has taught me so much about the aircraft that I would have never known had they not been in my corner. There is simply no substitute for having the experience of Tom, Jeff, and Mike looking out for me all the time." —Jack Byrd

"Savvy founder Mike Busch correctly diagnosed my engine issue after reviewing data from my engine monitor, and I had the work performed that Mike had suggested. The original estimate from my Service Center for this work was $1,965.10, but under Savvy's guidance the final invoice came in at just $877.93.  Savvy saved me over $1,000.00 on this one maintenance task alone—more than paying for the $750.00 Savvy management fee for the next 12 months!" —Barry Lerman

"Recently, while on vacation in Montana, my Cessna T210 had an alternator failure. I contacted my Savvy account manager Phil Kirkham, and he took care of the problem with the local repair facility, while I was able to go about my vacation and enjoy myself.  Not only did Savvy save me a bundle and relieve me of all the usual stress and hassle, but also gave me confidence that the plane was being repaired properly by a shop and mechanics I didn’t know. Savvy is worth it’s weight in gold!" —Steve Carvajal

"Huge kudos to the Savvy team! I just came out of annual and they saved me more than $5,000 over my Service Center's original quote. Some the savings was unnecessary work that Savvy advised me to decline, some was excessive charges for labor. My Savvy account manager Jeff Iskierka did a great job of talking to the Service Center manager and persuading him to be more reasonable with his rates. I didn't have to do anything during the whole process; Savvy handled everything. I can't recommend Savvy highly enough!"

"I had a wonderful experience with Savvy as my partner, and saved thousands of dollars in unnecessary work! It was not that my Service Center wanted to rob me, but they needed to be educated as to what work was important and what was not worth doing. Annual inspections used to be stressful events for me; what peace of mind knowing that such knowledgeable people are now guiding my maintenance. This takes all the worry and headache out of the process. Savvy is very reasonably priced, and has been a winner for me!"Rik Vanooteghem DDS MS

"My Savvy account manager Jeff Iskierka handled everything! I got my annual done according to the estimate, with no hassle. It was least expensive annual inspection I've ever had. I'm an experienced aircraft owner, and my biggest gripe has been the variability in cost and quality of maintenance. $750/year is a complete no-brainer to fix that problem. I saved thousands of dollars just in reduced cost for my annual, which is several times more than what I paid Savvy to manage it. I think Savvy is a game changer!"Gordon Feingold

"I love the service offered by Savvy and plan on continuing as a Savvy client for as long as I own an airplane." —Timothy Coomer

"Let me say how very pleased I was in the way Savvy handled my recent Cirrus SR22 pre-purchase examination. I am definitely signing up for Savvy's yearly maintenance management program, as I was so impressed with your service on the pre-buy. My only regret is that I wasn't aware of your services previously for the 2005 Diamond DA40 that I just traded in." —Jay Berkowitz

"The resources available to me through Savvy give me great comfort that the effort and resources expended to maintain my airplane are without a doubt the best investment I could have made. A T210 is not an airplane I want to fly -- especially with employees or family on board -- if it is maintained by a 172 mechanic. The airplane requires a real expert with many years of 210 experience. That's what the Savvy program offers. It is the main reason I am a loyal Savvy subscriber for four years now."Bob Dosser

"The best money I have ever spent in aviation!!!!!! The service is Utopia." —Frank Fotia III

"Once again, Savvy pays for itself in multiples!! Better than my stock portfolio..." —Irvin Sahni, MD

"I can't say enough about Savvy's program, team, and expertise in giving me advice and comfort level when making big (and little) maintenance decisions. You simply can't put a price tag on that!"Kyle Jones

"I received so much more than I expected." —Louis Fielack

"Thanks again for stepping in and saving me from the greedy hands at [the Cessna Service Center]. I figure Savvy probably saved me $40K on this annual." —Pete Van Helden

"I'm very satisfied. Savvy saved me $6,000 on my annual. It's been a pleasure working with you guys. I'm renewing for another year." Jerry Bock MD

"Only an idiot or masochist (or both) could miss the value of what Savvy offers." Jeff Harris

"Now that I'm a client, I can't imagine how I ever managed my maintenance without the help of Savvy. You guys are a great team. I'm forever grateful for all of your help with my Cessna 310 thus far." —Barbara Santamaria

"I have been very happy with the Savvy program. I like having a knowledgeable team on my side. I'm sure I have saved many times Savvy's fee in reduced maintenance costs. My Savvy account manager Paul New has always been prompt at responding to my needs, and seems to really care about my ownership experience." —Peter March

"You've been amazing help to us, and very patient (which is much appreciated)." —Garrison (Gary) Cavell

It was truly a benefit to have you Savvy guys involved. The annual went far smoother and right on schedule this year, which is a first!" —Wick Zimmerman

"I can't live without Savvy. Thank you for all you've done for me. It's hard to find people who truly excel in service and value to the customer. Savvy is definitely one of those." —Carlos A. D. Cendoya

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